20th March 2020

‘Today the world is crying and the need of the soul for healing is so very apparent. When such a wave of destruction as we currently endure in the pandemic afflicts us, we are tested in every way.  Allah knows that this world is bound to make you go astray.  In order to save your souls from destruction, it is He who has sent down the Quran that has the power to heal; a complete cure for everything and every believer.  A cure for illnesses and a cure for diseases hearts and souls. When you read, listen or learn the Qur’an not only will all your problems disappear but also Qur’an holds the healing power for your body and soul. It will make your life better. It gives the sinner the opportunity to beg for Allah’s mercy, heal themselves, save themselves from ruin and gain paradise.  Do not lose hope. Trust in your Lord as He knows what is best for you and will make sure no one is wronged in the least. Juma Mubarak’ Shaykh Tahir

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